They use building white plaster as a fine plaster.

This gypsum has a shiny white finish and a balanced stove. In terms of gypsum plaster composition, it is in such a way that the mortar provides the plasterer.

It provides a smooth and durable surface. It is also possible to add a proper amount of soil to this plaster as a substrate gypsum.
Due to its unique features, the construction of white plaster does not require any special cushioning. Only the desired surface should be free of dust and grease.

Can be made of plaster in:

Lining and whitewashing of the building, and other items, including the use of plating, adding some soil.

This plaster has the best quality and price to meet the needs of consumers.

Dry coating materials and other items, including subsoil additives.

How to make white building plaster:

The gypsum powder is poured into a container with some water in it to get wet. The amount of water needed to make the gypsum mortar is equal to the plaster. It is also not worth the fact that the mortar is made to afford it. In order to improve the mold, the mortar is used to vibrate approximately 70-80% of the gypsum weight and is prepared for 5 minutes.
Provides the highest quality white plaster for your loved ones.

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