Chalk Siwa This type of plaster is a lightweight product, so the product belongs to a new category of building materials and has a European international certificate.
This mortar in Central Asia replaces traditional plaster in the Mediterranean countries and is called the Sihwa Gypsum.

Smooth chalk features

• Run high-speed work
• Insulation
• The teacher’s comfort works for a long time
• Flexible for consumption
• A gypsum layer and high and low drainage speed
• Scratch and fire resistant
• Before painting and using as a primer primer, no resin coating is required

The average thickness of 5 to 15 mm is used in Iran, and this plaster does not require a bed.
To obtain a better homogeneous mortar in water, and after 40 minutes, mix with hand for 1 minute, shaking or with a low speed electric mixer for one minute, until the mortar is obtained. .

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