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Owner: BARTAR Chalk Company (special joint stock company)
The Super chalk company in 2011 has been honored to receive the standard mark from the Standard Organization and has become the first company to produce Super chalk in Iran, which is proud to receive this title, which shows high quality and precision in the production of these products. chalk Company is the only producer of gybtoon chalk in Iran that has a separate production line for this product. This product has a very high quality, in addition to white, has a high secondary timing that allows gypsy masters to make any changes. Currently, chalk Brite (Super azadi chalk) has an area of over 28,000 square meters and four super-chalk production lines. Super azadi chalk Company, which has 120 employees directly (administrative and labor personnel) and thousands, indirectly and After 11 years, it has continued to produce a high quality product and is looking to grow its target markets.

Qom's super azadi chalk company started in the 1375 on an area of 3000 square meters. With the use of the best gypsum in Iran, the company started to produce a special type of chalk called Super azadi chalk , which, with its superb quality and excellent whiteness, made the beauty and efficacy of the Iranian homes a lot.
The company in Qom province, after years of establishment, began to expand its target markets and, in addition to selling the product inside the country, was able to seize a significant share of the markets of neighboring countries.
Currently, Qom's super azadi chalk company owns the largest production line of chalk in Iran that can compete with other competitors in terms of quality, speed and service accuracy.


Years of experience

And after these years, it has also produced a high quality product and is looking to grow its target markets.


Directly (administrative and labor personnel) and thousands indirectly