Qom Superior chalk Company is a manufacturer of Super Grade chalk and Plasterboard azadi, has been collecting product packages and is ready to provide a complete package to customers that will facilitate the purchase and speed of service. Hence your products will serve your service:

Unique Super-azadi chalk Features

Superior chalk casting, Super chalk, Super azadi chalk is a kind of chalk that is very white and a good alternative to color. The extraordinary whiteness of this product has made it white on the white finish and white luster of the interior of the building after the whitening of the building as well as cost-effective and very cost-effective, and the speed of implementation and ease, raises the task.
Hence, the chalk mastermasters are superior to the chalk in contrast to the existing plaster in the market 31% chalk is combined with water and the time it takes is between 1 and 21 minutes.

A unique feature of Gypsum Freedom

Another product of the company is the gyptoon azadi chalk, which, in addition to its white, has a higher resistance and timing than other chalk available on the market. This chalk has high adhesion and speeds up the work and ease the work. Other features of this chalk is its high secondary retention time of about 11 to 23 minutes.